Top Tips to Boost your Salon on Social Media

Top Tips to Boost your Salon on Social Media

We have compiled some tips below on how to best use your social media accounts to help boost your business.

#1 Post engaging and visually pleasing content

Post facts, information or photos that your target audience would find appealing and that are in line with your brand image and use the caption to put your information.

Salons should post content such as beauty tips or the latest how-to guides or engaging content related to your business that is available in a short, easy to read format. Examples would be an intriguing photo with a simple caption, a short list of beauty tips, a fun beauty video or an infographic/quote. These types of content are interactive and appealing to your target audience.

#2 Write relevant posts that engage consumers 

Write posts that customers want to respond to and will enjoy giving their opinion on. An example of this would be to ask questions like “Autumn has officially begun! What will be your must have treatment for Autumn?” This type of conversation starter is relevant, personalized, and something that majority of salon-goers would enjoy discussing.

#3 Post pictures, and lots of them! 

One of the best ways businesses can use Facebook/Instagram is as a visual medium. Your salon should be showcasing the work that it is most proud of. Whether that be fun holiday-themed manicures, spray tan before and afters, facial before and afters etc. pictures provide an outlet to show what you can do. As a bonus, pictures are engaged with more than text-only posts, in fact 120% more , therefore these can also help to bring new referrals through your front doors as your current customers share the photo with their own personal networks.

#4 Treat your Social Media Page as a miniature website

When customers arrive on your social page they should be able to find all of the information they may be looking for. Use the various Facebook tabs to show your salon locations, services, photos and reviews and use the bio on your Instagram page to put relevant links and information.

#5 Competitions and Exclusive deals

Engage customers through Facebook/Instagram contests and giveaways - In general, people love free stuff. Whether that be a gift card to your beauty salon or a discount on a beauty package, your customers will love the ease of being able to enter or receive the promotion. Also, they will likely comment on the contest page post or share it to their own friends, creating more awareness for your business.

Provide Facebook Fans with exclusive deals - When Liking a business on Facebook/Instagram, customers like to feel as though they’re getting something special in return. You can entice them to like you or follow you by offering 10% off their next visit or by sharing the Page on Facebook or IG stories to receive a gift with their next purchase.


#6 Use before and after pictures to showcase your talent

Reviews and testimonials don’t need to just be a text post when it comes to social media. Use Instagram to show results in your salon. Before and after pictures show transformation and can grab users’ attention. Tagging the products and the brand in the post helps the company also see your work meaning they can also share your work – more brand exposure.


#7 Create a social media calendar

By creating a social media calendar, you can easily plan content that you want to share and keep a track of any online promotional offers you want to share with followers. By planning in your content it is easier to see what you are sharing and to make sure similar content is spread out over coming weeks.


We have put together a dropbox link with SKINICIAN and he-shi assets which you have full access to use and share on your social media channels. This was shared on the Trade Facebook page and has been emailed to you also. Please contact us if you need help downloading these assets and using them on your channels.

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